About us

There is hard work in our wine.
Behind that, a clear stance.

Our Brancaia family has been running for 40 years. What began with an unreasonable decision is today viticulture with high standards and without compromises. Get to know the Widmer family and our whole team here and learn more about the attitude and history behind.

Our history

Today, high-quality organic wines are vinified on Brancaia and sold worldwide. The cellars of the winery and a logistics center meet the highest standards. Professional guided wine tours and tastings await visitors. Then you can let yourself be pampered in the estate’s own osteria with a large terrace.

That was not always so.

Historical photo of the Brancaia winery
Grape press

our philosophy

No compromises – that has always been the philosophy of Brancaia. We produce wine with passion and want to create unique drinking pleasure with a clear focus on the highest quality and locality.

Our team

In addition to Barbara Widmer and her family, a strong and loyal team forms the basis for fully exploiting the quality of our sites and for delivering Brancaia wines all over the world.

The Brancaia team
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