In addition to Barbara Widmer and her family, a strong and loyal team forms the basis for fully exploiting the quality of our sites and for delivering Brancaia wines all over the world.

In order to achieve Brancaia’s high goals, we need employees in the vineyard and cellar, but also in the office and outside sales who understand our philosophy and also live it. Today, over 40 people belong to the Brancaia team – a large number of them have been for many years.

Brancaia is proud to be able to count on the committed and loyal cooperation of these people.

Andrea D’Alessio , since 2017
Andrea is responsible for selling our wines in Italy and around the world. With his know-how and his communicative nature, he is the ideal conversation partner for our importers and agents.

Fabrizio Benedetti , since 2004
Fabrizio is a trained oenologist, responsible for the production of Chianti wines and the logistics center. He leads his team in a friendly but determined manner.

Marco Marchi , since 2008
Marco is responsible for the vineyards and the environment in the Maremma. He lives in the middle of the winery and demands the maximum of himself and his employees every day.

Katia Mura
, since 2023
Katia is an important part of our administrative and financial management.

Enrico Fiaschi , since 2019
As a trained oenologist, Enrico is responsible for the bottling and packaging of our products. He works meticulously and attentively, which we really appreciate.

Jessica Iachetta , since 2018
Jessica works mainly as a cleaning lady for us. Thanks to her friendly nature, she gets along very well with the team and our customers.

Simonetta Nanni , since 1997
Simonetta and her team ensure that everything on Brancaia is always nice and clean. Her cordial manner and availability are unparalleled.

Giuseppe Caruana , since 2010
With his green thumb, Giuseppe ensures that our gardens are always more beautiful and productive. He is Mister Handyman par excellence, he has already made a lot of furniture for us from wood.

Stefania Barbieri , since 2013
Stefania works mainly as a cleaning lady for us. Always reliable and always friendly.

Rubina Talluri , since 2002
Rubina has held and continues to hold various roles over the years, from nanny to cleaning lady. She currently works in the Osteria, where she helps the chefs in the kitchen.

Santino Cuzzolino , since 1997
Santino has been working as a tractor driver and mechanic for almost 25 years. In all these years he has developed many talents, not least as a locksmith for our furniture.

Antonio Destro , since 2008
Antonio is a tractor driver. He goes about his work reliably and conscientiously every day.

Festim Bilali , since 2013
Festim has been with us since he finished school. A young man who takes care of the gardens and the ambience mainly with care and dedication.

Florent Bilali , since 2019
Florent, our youngest team member in Chianti, is still an apprentice. His great skill and interest are a pleasure.

Youssef Ben El Mallah, since 2023
Youssef works in the kitchen at Osteria Brancaia and helps our chefs more and more every day.

Gabriele Cianti, since 2022
Gabriele works for us at the Colle Val d’Elsa winery.

Fabio Faldoni, since 2021
Fabio works on the bottling line and in the warehouse at our logistics center in Colle Val d’Elsa.

Lucia Borri , since 2002
Lucia is responsible for the back office and much more. Connective thinking, loyalty and flexibility are just some of its qualities.

Amar Amarouche , since 2011
Amar is responsible for the production of our wines in the Maremma. If he has some time, he represents our winery in Tuscany, which he does just as professionally as the cellar work.

Daniele Corsinovi , since 1998
Daniele is our administrative and finance manager. Very precise, but also flexible enough to perfectly combine the unpredictability of a winery with the sober world of numbers.

Loretta De Paolis , since 2004
Loretta takes care of the supplier and warehouse accounting. Her emotional and creative nature enriches our team again and again.

Luca Gori , since 2006
Luca is our cellar master in Chianti. Always friendly, he works precisely and reliably. By the way, he’s also a very good photographer.

Alessandro Cuzzolino , since 2020
Alessandro is our sous chef. Cooking has always been his passion, so he not only has great talent, but also a lot of experience.

Giovanni Palladino , since 2019
Giovanni, our head chef, puts his heart and soul into his work. He combines our seasonal cuisine from the garden, homemade breads and pasta perfectly with our wines.

Juliette Rampa, since 2022
Juliette is one of our sommeliers responsible for tastings and tours.

Marco Brunetti, since 2021
Marco is one of our sommeliers and takes care of tastings and guided tours as well as sales in the store.

Massimiliano Nava, since 2020
Massi, one of our sommeliers, is responsible for the store and takes care of the tastings in the wine bar.

Giuditta Bianciardi, since 2023
Giuditta is one of our sommeliers and takes care of tastings and guided tours as well as sales in the store.

Marco Spatafora, since 2023
Marco is responsible for the service in our Osteria.

Rino Porcaro , since 2014
Rino is the caretaker and craftsman in our logistics center. You can always rely on his friendly and helpful manner.

Letizia Naso , since 2008
After a few years in the vineyard, Letizia discovered her passion for working in the wine cellar. Disciplined and reliable.

Alessandro Vichi , since 2016
Alessandro stayed with us after his school internship. He feels just as comfortable in the vineyard as in the cellar.

Diego Mariano Salcedo, since 2007
Diego, always happy, started out as a worker in the vineyard. He has been working as a tractor driver for some time.

Alex Bardi , since 2018
Alex is the youngest on the Maremma team. He is our second tractor driver. As a passionate hunter, he also helps to keep the damage caused by the game under control.


Guido Carli , since 2019
Guido is our Hospitality manager. At the winery, he coordinates the tasting, shop and osteria teams.

Alessandro Di Tardo , since 1996
Alessandro is a trained agronomist. He has been responsible for viticulture on Brancaia for 25 years. With his calm and friendly manner, he always keeps a clear head even in hectic phases.

Francesca Viale , since 2001
Francesca’s responsibilities are bookkeeping, control and analysis. To pursue this work in a wine company perfectly combines her two passions.

Giampaolo Biagi , since 2008
Giampaolo is responsible for the warehouse in our logistic center. He has a lot of experience, is very precise and reliable.

Silke Amsel Donati
, since 2024
Silke is the manager of our holiday house, which welcomes international guests every year.

Massimo Fierli , since 2015
Massimo takes care of our environment in the Maremma. He also has a skilled hand when it comes to maintenance work, so that we can usually do without an external technician.

Umberto Brizzi , since 2019
Umberto works in the vineyard. Currently on foot. His big dream is to become a tractor driver.

Annalisa Geraci , since 2020
Annalisa has only recently started working with us in the vineyards. She learns incredibly quickly.

Giulia Lanza, since 2020
Giulia works in the vineyards in Maremma.

Corrado Brizzi, since 2020
Giulia works in the vineyards in Maremma.

Flavio Bucciarelli , since 2019
Flavio graduated from the Agricultural School in Siena. Now he works with us to learn the practical work. He also studies wine marketing.

Claudio Fallani , since 2015
Claudio is the perfect worker when filling, doing cellar work or in the vineyard. He is precise and reliable, and the team values him very much.

Sonia Cheli , since 2008
Sonia has gained a lot of experience in the many years in the vineyard and never lost her interest and passion for the work.

Luigi Cheli , since 2014
Luigi is a reliable worker in the vineyard and in maintaining the surrounding area.

Tiberio Profita, since 2022
Tiberio works for us at the Colle Val d’Elsa cellar.

Mbaye Seck
, since 2021
works in the bottling line in our logistics center.

Roberta Maraviglia, since 2022
works in the bottling line in our logistics center.

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