We have been changing steadily for 40 years.
And staying true to us.

No compromises – that has always been the philosophy of Brancaia. We produce wine with passion and want to create unique drinking pleasure with a clear focus on the highest quality and locality. Traditions are important to us, but we always remain curious and set accents with fresh ideas. We attach great importance to sustainability, as we are convinced that there is no better basis for first-class wine than grapes produced in harmony with nature.

We are always looking for ways to further improve our wines. To this end, we continuously carry out tests in the vineyards and cellars. We deal with the selection of clones from autochthonous and international vines, different types of cultivation, fermentation methods and temperatures, traditional and modern vinification techniques, size and age of wooden barrels, aging in cement and steel tanks or changes in the duration of bottle refinement – just to name a few to name a few points.

Every vintage, every floor, every idea that is realized is a new beginning, a new attempt to raise the quality level even further.

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