Brancaia Collection

The Brancaia Collection is the Widmer family’s latest project and shows the TRE from a new perspective. The limited edition with six different label designs is intended to combine enjoyment with art – both aspects that are important to the Widmer family.

The Gift – The Background

For the 80th birthday of Brigitte and Bruno Widmer, the family wanted to give their parents something unique, which reflects both their past and their ideas of Brancaia as a family company of today and tomorrow.

With the purchase of the run down Brancaia estate in 1981, they laid the foundation for Brancaia and a very special family story: Their dream was to produce top-quality wines in Tuscany and to create something that would live on and thrive in our family for as many generations as possible.

Bruno Widmer worked successfully for many years in the advertising industry. This certainly explains his affinity with design and the unmistakable Brancaia label that his agency created over 30 years ago. After all these years, the absolutely reduced design of the Brancaia label is still modern, elegant, and timeless at the same time – just like the Brancaia wines.

Hence it was obvious to give them something unique for their round birthday that combines wine and design. So, the gift idea arose to commission a young artist to interpret our label in six pictures in a creative way. In our opinion, the result is so impressive that we decided to use the images as labels for a limited edition of TRE. And so, the Brancaia Collection was born from the gift idea.

Brigitte & Bruno Widmer

Collection – The Beginning – The Task

Label from the Brancaia Collection

The beginning of the Brancaia Collection series is made by the Swiss artist Niels Blaesi. The task for Niels Blaesi was simple and formulated very openly: “Create six different images as a series with the only requirement that the two squares of the Brancaia label remain.”

Inspired by the Brancaia logo and the existing wine labels, Niels went to work. His playful handling of the identity-creating square, of the figures and of the colors turns spaces and objects into narratives. The reduced and colorful motifs in combination with selected details make the Brancaia Collection an eye-catcher.

The results are unique and reflect the character of Brancaia in a fresh way.

Niels Blaesi – The Artist

Niels Blaesi is a freelance illustrator and designer from Switzerland. Basic geometric shapes and strong color compositions characterize his clear and reduced style. The interest in repetition, rhythm and composition influences his visual language. Niels Blaesi works for magazines and newspapers at home and abroad, as well as for companies in the fields of education, culture, and advertising.

Label from the Brancaia Collection

Brancaia Collection – The Result

Label from the Brancaia Collection

The Brancaia Collection turns our label into a canvas and platform for a young artist. An art exhibition of its own kind, so to speak, which will hopefully support many young talents in the future, as we want to realize this limited art edition in the years to come. Art and great wine should be accessible to everyone, which is why we have chosen our multi-award-winning TRE for this project. There is hardly anything better than being able to enjoy art in everyday life.

The foundation stone for the Brancaia Collection has been laid with the gift idea. Probably the best part of the gift for Brigitte and Bruno is to see how the values that are dear to them are lived on and new things are created together. We are having a lot of fun with the Brancaia Collection and at the same time are already looking forward to next year.

Label from the Brancaia Collection

TRE – The Wine

Label from the Brancaia Collection

When it came to deciding which of our exquisite wines should be selected for the artist labels, we immediately agreed that the TRE is the ideal wine. He is an all-rounder that has become an indispensable part of today’s wine world.

TRE stands for its three grape varieties Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as for its three Tuscan vineyards (Maremma, Castellina and Radda in Chianti). The assemblage is dominated by Sangiovese with 80 percent, but Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon also bring their charm with ten percent each. This well-structured, medium-bodied wine is aged for twelve months before it is bottled. Two thirds of the ageing takes place in French tonneaux and one third in cement.

This elegant, well-structured cuvée offers a lot of drinking pleasure. Have a look at what some wine critics say about the 2019 vintage:

“Sweet berries with tobacco-leaf and cedar character on the nose. Medium-bodied with a juicy and rather succulent palate. Creamy and fresh. So delicious.”, 92/100

“Dark, clear cherry red with garnet reflections. Extremely aromatic with notes of full ripe blueberries, small mustard seeds, cardamom, and a little mocha. Shows juicy play on the palate, of medium weight, light-footed in the drink, a lot of fruit embedded in a fine tannin, lively finish.”, 91/100

TRE goes very well with any kind of food and cuisine. Looking forward to receiving your favorite pairings.

Label from the Brancaia Collection
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