Sparklingly fresh

The grapes for our Spumante VsQ are harvested exclusively by hand and produced using the elaborate traditional method.

Stella is characterized by a clear bouquet with subtle aromas of fresh brioche and almond notes. On the palate, this dry sparkling wine is filigree, pointed and with a first-class, fine perlage.

Before disgorging, the wine rests on the lees for at least 24 months. It is a pure Chardonnay. The Liqueur d’expédition is enriched with Brancaia Il Bianco.

Our spumante owes its name to Barbara Widmer’s daughter Nina. As a little girl, she liked to refer to the bubbles of sparkling wines as stars.

The Stella is ideal for an aperitif and goes perfectly with raw fish or vegetarian dishes. Our favorite: with tuna tartare.

Brancaia Stella
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