Brancaia in Radda


Our vineyards on the Poppi area in the municipality of Radda in Chianti are located 350 to 420 meters above sea level. They have a south / southwest orientation and a slope of 5 to 18 percent. There is a continental climate – hot summers with maximum temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and cool winters, in which frost can occur. The sandy loam soil with equal proportions of sand and silt as well as a small proportion of clay is characterized by a very stony skeleton with rather low soil fertility and therefore drains very quickly. Here we grow 55 percent Sangiovese and 45 percent Merlot.

Average temperature over the year: 12.5 degrees Celsius.
Annual rainfall: 890 millimeters, rainy days mainly from October to April.
Vineyard area: 20 hectares.
Harvest: exclusively hand-picked.


Detailed map of Brancaia in Radda
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