1999 vine year

A climatically uniform winter without major cold spells in January and February and with many sunny days made the work in the vineyard – pruning, fertilizing and cultivating the soil – easier. The vines were sprouted in the first week of April. The meteorological course of spring with the usual temperatures and even precipitation for this time of year led to the formation of a water reserve in the soil. This was particularly important in order to survive the summer in Chianti with little rain. The summer temperatures, which were not too high, ensured regular development of the vines until the color of the grapes changed at the beginning of August. Then at the end of August there were some welcome rains, which refreshed the water deposits in the ground. September was dry and marked by large temperature fluctuations between day and night. This enabled healthy and perfect ripening of the grapes.

The harvest started with the Merlot on Poppi on September 8th and ended on October 1st with the Sangiovese on Poppi. The yield was around 5,500 kg / ha (38 hl / ha).
Despite the high sugar content in the must, the fermentation went smoothly thanks to the temperature control and the use of selected yeasts.

The 1999 harvest was extremely successful. The Brancaia wines are likely to be the best so far.

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