The 2007 vintage

The winter was very mild, the temperatures were above average, this led to an early budding. The drought in the winter months was offset by occasional rain showers in July and August. In August, as in September, the temperature differences between day and night were very pronounced. This fact favored a rich aroma development of the grapes.

In the Maremma the harvest began on August 24th with the Merlot, in the Chianti Classico area also with the Merlot grapes on August 31st. This is around a week earlier than usual. At the beginning of October we finished the harvest with the Sangiovese.

The grapes were all very healthy and well ripe. The sugar content and acidity are sufficient and balanced, while the polyphenol content is exceptionally high. The wines are very rich in color, soft tannins and a large structure.

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