2008 vine year

The course of the year was very special. The long-awaited rains set in in winter and continued well into spring. Especially from May to June we had frequent rainfall and temperatures that were well below the average values of other years. This led to suboptimal flowering and greatly increased the risk of downy mildew and oidium. At the beginning of July the weather turned fantastic and stayed until late October. This enabled the grapes to grow and ripen perfectly as hoped. That means: despite a difficult spring and an exceptionally high pressure from game, we achieved the qualities and quantities that we had aimed for in all vineyards.
We started the harvest at the end of August with the Merlot and ended it in mid-October with the Sangiovese on Poppi. The harvesting conditions were excellent; the grapes are very healthy and perfectly ripe. Working in such circumstances was a pleasure. We were actually able to harvest every vineyard at the best time to harvest it. The wines convince with an excellent balance of color, acidity, alcohol and tannins.

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