2014 wine year

One thing is certain: the 2014 wine year was very complex and challenged us again and again. The winter was exceptionally mild and rainy, so that the vines sprout relatively early. The vegetation – promoted by the regular rainfall and mild temperatures – could hardly be tamed. We always had to take it easy and be stingy.

At the end of July we decided to expose the grape zones in the Maremma and finally also in the Chianti Classico. We assumed that there would be no great heat. In other words, we classified the risk that the grapes could get too much sunshine as significantly lower than the risk that they do not get enough hours of sunshine. This decision, which was associated with additional effort, not only helped the grapes to make optimal use of the sparse hours of sunshine, but also to better deal with the morning moisture.

Our decision at the end of August was just as important. We decided to make a first selection in all vineyards. This first harvest had the idea of leaving only a reduced amount of grapes and of course the most perfect possible grapes per vine. In the hope that these could mature for at least 3 to 4 more weeks.

Fortunately, our effort was worth it. At the end of September and beginning of October, our work on the “2nd” harvest was rewarded with excellent grapes. Overall, we can look back on a very profitable year. In the case of the top plants, however, the amount is significantly less than an optimal year.

2014 proved once again that in Tuscany – if you are present in the vineyard and not afraid of the effort – you can make great wines even under difficult conditions.

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