2015 wine year

Thanks to a rainy winter, the water reserves were completely replenished in spring. This – paired with a mild spring – led to relatively early budding and consequently to early flowering.

Probably the most characteristic of this year, however, was the extraordinary heat wave in July. The temperatures were well above average. This and the lack of precipitation in July meant that insects and fungal diseases could hardly develop. Despite the very positive effect of this heat wave, the cooling and the rain in mid-August were essential for the development of the grapes.

The month of September was characterized by sunny and windy days with high temperature fluctuations between day and night. These were ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen perfectly.

The grape harvest began on August 18th in Maremma with Viognier and in Chianti Classico on August 30th with Sauvignon Blanc. At the end of September all the grapes were harvested, in the Maremma as well as in the Chianti Classico.

The white musts have a beguiling aroma and a perfect balance of acidity, alcohol, finesse and freshness. Our red wines have complex aromas, are rich in structure with perfectly ripe tannins; Wines that are certainly also suitable for long storage.

The conclusion: definitely a fantastic vintage!

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