Harvest 2022

The vintage was particular but very good in general.
We had no late frost and the number of inflorescences per plant was regular and average. In the first two weeks of May we had a lot of rain, which is especially important because in June and July the rain was completely absent and the temperature was constantly high. I believe it was the consistency of warmth that allowed nature to cope with this situation with bravura. The leaves of the vineyards and forests were green until very recently since they could fully benefit from the long-awaited rain in August and September.
Since the second half of August, the temperatures were much cooler, especially at night, these weather conditions were ideal for the last phase of grape ripening.

Brancaia Team

As usual, in Maremma we started harvesting the Merlot for the Rosé on August 17, after a break we harvested our Sangiovese starting on September 10 and then the Petite Verdot, the Cabernet Sauvignon .
In Chianti the harvest started on August 27 with the Sauvignon Blanc, from September 5 we harvested the Merlot, and after starting on September 21 with the Sangiovese, the harvest was completed at the end of September with the Cabernet Sauvignon.
The extremely hot and dry summer gave us cool nights and we finally got the long awaited rain in the last month of the ripening phase. Therefore, the wines are concentrated and have intense, extract colors, superb fruit aromas and stand out for their great freshness.
I can certainly say that we are very satisfied.

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