Wine year 2019

After a rather mild winter with little snow that hardly stayed, we had a rainy spring with low temperatures. The flowering and the subsequent phenological phases of the vines were therefore later than in previous years.

The rains stopped in late May and we went straight from cold and wet to midsummer conditions. The following two months we had one beautiful day after the other with temperatures up to 40 ° C. Thanks to the generous rainfall in spring, there was no undesirable stress for the vines. And before it got too dry, there was a stormy and rainy night at the end of July. This made for perfect ripening with the right amount of stress during beautiful and warm August. September was characterized by slight rainfall during the day and temperatures of around 30 ° C with significantly cooler nights. These ideal climatic conditions existed during the entire vegetation cycle. They enabled us to harvest the individual varieties at their optimal technological and phenolic maturity.

The harvest began in Maremma on August 23 with the Merlot for the rosé, followed by the Viognier for the Il Bianco. At the beginning of September we picked the remaining Merlot grapes, followed by the Sangiovese, the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Cabernet Franc and the Petit Verdot. In the Maremma we finished in mid-October.

In Chianti the harvest started a little later than in previous years. The Sauvignon Blanc was picked on September 11th, followed by the Merlot. The Sangiovese was harvested from mid-September to early October. In the first week of October we concluded our harvest in Chianti Classico with the Cabernet Sauvignon.

We are very satisfied with both the quality and the quantity. The weather conditions made it possible to handpick all the grapes in a healthy and perfectly ripe state

News from the basement:

The rosé is very fragrant, with persistent acidity, light alcohol and a light color – exactly as it should be.

Our white wine has a great structure, nice aromas and a lively acidity. The Viognier is our best “ever”.

The red wines are very rich in polyphenols and extracts, they have the right amount of alcohol, optimal acidity and pH values. In summary, they have everything that is needed for balanced and elegant wines with a high aging potential.

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