Organic viticulture practices protect our soil, air and water – and they improve the taste and character of our grapes and wines. The more diverse a system is, the more resilient and self-regulating it becomes. The more we respect nature, the healthier the vines become – and the better and more authentic their fruits.

Organic viticulture and uncompromising quality are 100 percent compatible. This is one of the most important and beautiful insights that we have been able to gain over the years.

Brancaia has been a certified organic company since 2019.


The basis for a top wine is laid in the vineyard. Choosing the grape variety and the right clone is fundamental to producing the perfect grape. Only with the optimal symbiosis between vines and soil can wines develop the desired aromas typical of the region. Aromas that make our wines unique.

The quality of a grape is influenced by various factors. Nature and the vintage are a central factor that will certainly become even more pronounced with climate change. We have made many small and large changes in recent years to ensure that our vines can ripen the best grapes in every situation.

We are convinced that the grapes become better and more typical of the region as the vine ages. Old vines also have advantages in terms of climate change. A vine that has been thriving with us for over 25 years has adapted perfectly to its surroundings with micro-changes in its DNA. That is exactly what we are aiming for.

With a good 80 hectares, it takes a lot of hardworking hands to carry out all work carefully and on time. The Brancaia employees work more than 450 hours per hectare in the vineyards before the grapes reach the cellar. Most of it is manual labor, as is the entire harvest. These work steps are important quality controls that have a strong influence on the end result. The first yield regulation already takes place with the pruning, all further work serves the yield regulation and quality assurance. So it is very important to do this work properly and carefully.

The Brancaia team – many of its members have been with us for a long time – regularly take part in training courses. In addition, Brancaia tries to further sensitize its employees in their quality thinking through lectures, tastings and company outings. We dare to say that all of our employees are proud to be part of the team.


The Brancaia winery includes around 40 hectares of vineyards in the Chianti Classico (Castellina in Chianti and Radda in Chianti) and another 40 hectares in the Maremma.

The locations differ in many ways, but they have one thing in common: A committed core team with a clear philosophy consistently tries to achieve the best possible quality.

Top wine quality can only be achieved with top grape quality. Nature is an essential factor that we cannot influence. We need to understand them, treat them with respect and respond to them in the best possible way. Barbara Widmer lives on the winery all year round, goes on tours of the vineyards every day during the harvest and several times a week during the rest of the time, together with the agronomists Alessandro di Tardo and Marco Marchi. So the three of them know how the plants are doing – and what needs to be done if necessary.

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